How to choose a hotel?

How to choose a hotel?



This is one of the first factors to take into account, the situation. Consult the address of a hotel and locate it on a map to fully understand its location. The descriptions are very often generous when it comes to evaluating the distance from the center or the nearest public transport … it is better to form a precise opinion for yourself.

A good location is ideal for a good stay. Conversely, a more eccentric situation often makes it possible to pay less.


Because the economic question is at least as important as that of the situation. Set yourself a budget limit and do your research accordingly. You can select your hotel within a specific price range . Note that discounts and promotions are commonplace on the internet, take advantage of them!

Sometimes a little extra to be in a really better location is worth it. Sometimes, a rare pearl at a low price is available in the center or a stone’s throw from the beach… you have to search.

The bedroom

Find out more about the services offered by the hotel, and in particular the comfort of the rooms : double bed, two single beds, shower, toilets, the various equipment at your disposal, television or not , wireless internet free access, a kitchen area and some utensils to be independent, a coffee machine, etc, etc…

This or that equipment can tip his choice towards a hotel or another. Also see how long you plan to spend in the room…

The frame

Location is important, but so is the general setting of the hotel . Try to determine the location of the hotel: by the sea, in the historic center or in a busy street or a quiet residential area , this can change your choice according to your preferences. The setting also influences the view you enjoy from your room: the rooftops of Paris , the mountains when you wake up, the sea under the balcony , a beautiful setting makes for a memorable stay.

Hotel services

In addition to the amenities in the room, find out about the services offered by the hotel to help you choose. Is there a catering service ? Is breakfast available, at what cost ? A janitor ? A swimming pool ? A spa ? Activities or games for children ? Animations, evenings? Depending on the vacation you want to spend, the services of the hotel can be decisive in your choice.

The theme of the hotel

It also depends on your expectations of your stay. The hotels are sometimes declined according to themes to attract such or such type of clientele, from the family hotel with games and animations to the hotel reserved for adults with prohibition of minors! Depending on the theme of your trip , take a hotel that matches: romantic, family, friends, backpacker , chic and upscale, small charming address , cheap hotel, etc…

Customer reviews

Sometimes to be taken lightly, however, customer comments help to get an idea of ​​the difference between the hotel’s promotional text and the reality of the services. Reviews greatly influence the choice, as well as the rating given to a hotel on booking sites . Keep in mind, however, that not everyone has the same requirements and that a mediocre service for one client may completely meet the expectations of another client.


The stars are an official classification of hotels that allows you to get an idea of ​​the services of the latter. Be careful all the same not to want to read too much in the stars, which sometimes are a little out of step with the reality of the hotel, especially in the intermediate 2 or 3 star categories . From 4 stars, 5 stars, you are at the top of the range . But unclassified establishments can be very good! The stars do not always have the same value from one country to another as well.

Conditions of sale and cancellation

The conditions of sale and cancellation vary from one establishment to another. Flexible change and/or cancellation conditions allow you to book well in advance with peace of mind, while full payment at the time of booking with no refund involves risks in the event of unforeseen events…

Consult the conditions of sale , modification and cancellation before choosing a hotel , and choose the formula that is most advantageous to you

Independent hotel and labels

Some like to have their bearings and know in advance what services await them at the hotel. For these, the choice of a chain hotel is safer: they meet the standards that are found from one establishment to another and the (bad) surprises are fewer. In this case, orient your choice towards a major hotel brand .

Many labels also exist, which certify guarantees as to the service of the hotel: responsible tourism, ecology, charm and quality, a label can help you finalize your choice.

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