6 tips for enjoying a cheap stay during your holidays

6 tips for enjoying a cheap stay during your holidays


How wonderful it is to go on vacation! But coming back from your vacation spot without having emptied your bank account is even better! But how to enjoy a cheap stay and save money? If many possible solutions can be explored, here are 6 of them that will help you drastically reduce your expenses.

Book by taking a step ahead of other vacationers

Vacationers who book at the last minute are victims of the shortage of hotel rooms and plane tickets. As a result, prices increase considerably when going on vacation, especially in high season. To take advantage of the best inexpensive stays , remember to book 3 to 6 months in advance. In addition to realizing exceptional savings, you will have access to a large catalog of travel offers.

Choose a vacation spot close to home

If your holiday destination is near you, it will be easy to get there by bus , car or train. By proceeding in this way, realize substantial savings on your transport costs. In addition to being able to discover the most beautiful roads in France, you won’t have to pay astronomical sums for your activities, as long as you choose them perfectly.

Opt for an inexpensive holiday destination

To enjoy a cheap stay, it is advisable to opt for a holiday destination where the cost of living is the lowest. This way, you won’t pay a fortune to eat, stay, get around, etc. But what are the cheapest travel destinations? Croatia rather than the United States, Greece instead of the Seychelles, Sri Lanka to the detriment of Norway…

Bet on all-inclusive offers for a cheap stay

To save money with peace of mind, choose an all-inclusive trip instead. This is a single offer that includes the price of airfare, hotel, catering, etc. With the all-inclusive trip, the rates charged are extremely affordable, allowing you to drastically reduce your expenses.

Find an economical hosting solution

Although it is possible to find cheap hotels, renting in a holiday residence, an aparthotel or a furnished apartment can be more economical. In addition to enjoying more freedom in one’s movements, one benefits from more comfortable housing. Finally, know that these last 3 options are accommodations with kitchen. As a result, you can cook your meals yourself without spending astronomical sums at the restaurant.

Don’t trust touts and unofficial guides

Busy tourist destinations are usually plagued by a scourge: touts and unofficial guides. In complicity with certain bars and restaurants, the first cities direct you towards establishments which charge tourists very dearly. Unofficial guides on the other hand have no real qualifications to organize tours, but in some cases charge you more than official guides. To save money during your vacation, remember to avoid touts and dodgy guides.

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