Holidays: 4 ways to make the most of it

Holidays: 4 ways to make the most of it


The holidays are approaching or have begun, the days are getting longer and warmer, we have started using our BBQ, gardening and maintaining our flower beds and flower boxes and planning our holidays. How do you make the most of it?

1- Imagine your vacation in advance Vacation

It is already living them a little. Remember: the brain cannot tell the difference between reality and what it imagines. Visualizing has a real effect on our emotions and there is already a great pleasure in thinking in advance about what we are going to do. Imagine hitting the road for adventure, hiking in the mountains, visiting new places, meeting new faces, having new experiences; dream of lying on a deck chair, toes outstretched, listening to music or the cries of children splashing around in the pool or in the waves…. Who prepares his fishing flies during the year already tastes in anticipation the pleasure of his future excursions. Same thing for the one who plans her trip by consulting books and maps on the places she will visit for 15 days.

Preparing for the holidays can also be an opportunity to develop new skills or learn new knowledge. A trip abroad can be prepared by acquiring the basics of a new language to better communicate with people. Maybe you want to learn scuba diving or golf to better enjoy the possibilities offered by the region you are going to visit.

2- Get out of the hawk season

You don’t know the falcon season?We have to wash the windows, we have to repair the porch, we have to plant the annuals, we have to clean the swimming pool… If you’re like me, sometimes it’s a matter of sitting down for 10 minutes to do nothing to see a lot of other falcons sting on you… It is then advisable to move away from home during your holidays. This not only makes it possible to evacuate through the back door the regular hours, the forced awakenings, always at the same time, the busy days organized around work and the routine of the house. This is an opportunity to get out of your trance state, your habits, to feel the happiness of the present moment, to stimulate our sleeping senses in everyday life. To move away also because one ends up going numb when one always lives in the same environment. The important thing is to expose yourself to new landscapes,

If I were a doctor, I would prescribe a vacation for all patients who consider their work important. Bertrand Russell

To convince yourself of this, think of the first time you set foot in the sea, where you had a picnic on the grass with the children before going to have fun at the amusement park, where you went to a place totally different from your usual environment. Just getting out of our daily frustrations is relaxing. And even if we encounter new problems during our escape, we know that they are temporary. The important thing is to get out of your daily life and leave your problems and the hawks behind. Even if you just sit by a small bridge watching the flowing water go by, it will already be a change from your usual pace. Unless you are a lock keeper…

3- Embark on an adventure!

Why not put a little risk in your vacation? We all have, in each of us, an adventurer who does not know himself. Do you doubt it? Bring it back to life by voluntarily placing yourself in situations that require you to tap into your resources. For some, it will be camping that allows them to experience a different lifestyle, more rudimentary, closer to nature. For others, it will be getting on their bike to take the cycle paths and visit a corner of the country. Try unusual experiences, not too much, of course, so as not to spoil your pleasure, but just enough to get out of your comfort zone and feel alive. A little river rafting, perhaps, sailing, water skiing, skydiving (is that too much?), sea kayaking, mountain trekking… If these activities seem risky to you, tell yourself that in addition to being much more exciting than driving a car on the highway, they are much less dangerous. Moreover,Putting yourself to the test in a new environment and taking on challenges that everyday life does not offer is often good for your self-esteem.

4- Holidays require a little planning

I know, it doesn’t sound very sexy and you tell yourself that holidays are first and foremost the freedom to do what you want to do, when you want. But a little planning never hurts, especially when there are several people involved. It avoids having the impression that the holidays were only a period of time without work, empty of what makes us have things to tell and remember. So plan the activities you don’t want to miss, so you don’t be disappointed and disappoint yours because you missed it because you didn’t book your tickets. Plan ahead to secure a spot at Nice Beach Campsite with a view of the sea, praised by your friends, so you don’t find yourself having to pitch your tent next to a busy highway. But remember that planning too much is like not enough. SO…

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