The benefits of a nature trip and some ideas for getting away from it all!

The benefits of a nature trip and some ideas for getting away from it all!


There is often nothing more effective than a breath of fresh air to disconnect and clear your mind. This is also why many of us prefer, when it comes to holidays, a stay in the heart of nature. But why does the sight of a green landscape, the song of birds or the lapping of the waves do us so much good? In this particular period when many of us have to deal with a few m² and  this without greenery, we have dug into the question and have taken the opportunity to advise you on some destinations where you can escape soon!

Why does nature do us so much good?

We all know it, nature brings us calm and zenitude and this is one of the first reasons why we very often need to find it. Whether it is during a simple walk in the forest or a hike with a view of the steep peaks of the Himalayan massifs in  Nepal , nature is a powerful soothing agent for our minds, often occupied with a thousand and one concerns to manage and to cause ! When we find ourselves in the middle of the woods, under the protective presence of the trees and the calm that only disturbs the chirping of the birds, some small miracles occur, in our body as in our spirit.

Beyond the beneficial physical exercise, this ambient calm reduces our blood pressure and facilitates our blood circulation . Indeed, we do not use our brains in the same way when we are surrounded by trees as when we are surrounded by buildings! In a more natural environment, the ambient stimuli are much less numerous than in urbanized spaces, allowing our brain to slow down while remaining active in other types of events…

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According to a study by a professor from Stanford University in the United States, walking in the middle of nature would soothe the prefrontal cortex , which is called upon when you have dark thoughts. Hearing leaves crunch under our feet, bathing in a waterfall and breathing the fresh mountain air would therefore make it possible to be more positive… And thus more creative!

Indeed, in the middle of nature, we often take the time to dwell on the details and the simple things, which stimulates our imagination . It is therefore not surprising that many writers and philosophers like Montaigne, Rousseau or even Victor Hugo were big fans of hiking! The benefits of this outdoor sporting activity are well established (reduction of psychological fatigue and stress, freeing the mind, etc.).

It’s high time to put on your shoes and prepare for your next hike with the advice of our article “ How to prepare for a hike or a trek while traveling? ”!

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With increasingly busy schedules, allowing yourself a moment of relaxation in the middle of nature is also an opportunity to treat yourself to a quiet and timeless break . Taking your time has therefore become essential and all the more so when you go on vacation, a period conducive to rest and discovery.

The concept of  slow tourism  reflects this new need we have, that of learning to let go. This type of tourism stems from the “slow movement” that appeared in the 1980s in response to the increasingly frantic pace of our globalized society. It takes up the fundamental values ​​of “Slow life” or “slow life”, which are authenticity, respect, love, sharing and nature. A slow trip is therefore  discovering a new culture without the burden of a to do list of points to visit. It’s taking advantage of your holidays to meet the locals, take the time to open up to a new way of life, to forge links. It’s traveling while respecting naturethat surrounds us, for example by favoring local means of transport, such as the train, the moped or the canoe and this in the values ​​of sustainable tourism .

Our ideas for nature trips: Where to go to do some good?

No need to go far to enjoy a corner of greenery and recharge your batteries in the heart of nature. That said, if you want to go away for more than a weekend, if you are looking for a bit of a change of scenery and if you want to open up to a culture at odds with yours, here are some ideas for activities and destinations where you can enjoy of nature.

Tanzania, a place where nature shines at its brightest is calling you to explore its depths through the lens of Tanzania Safari Packages. Here, safari-goers will discover a world where the wild roams freely and nature’s wonders are on full display.From the iconic Serengeti to the untamed Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania offers a pristine explorer land for your nature trip. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of the African wilderness. So, get away from it all and let the unique culture of this land sooth your spirit!

Our animal observation trips

Nature often has this gift of bringing us back to childhood and marveling at us. Nothing better for this than to indulge in the observation of animals during a trip. A show that will fascinate young and old alike!

Namibia  is a  prime example of a destination for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. During an 11-day stay , we take you to meet the many animals of Africa in the  Etosha National Reserve  : zebras, lions, giraffes, leopards… Accompanied by an expert in the exploration of this protected and exceptional space , you discover these wild animals in their natural environment, a unique experience in the heart of unspoiled nature!

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